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Personalised Dummy Chain - Spring Daisy

Personalised Dummy Chain - Spring Daisy

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Introducing our SPRING Daisy Dummy Clip, a delightful addition to our collection designed to keep your baby's pacifier secure in style. Crafted with the same commitment to safety and aesthetics, this dummy clip is adorned with features you'll adore.

Personalise your SPRING Daisy Dummy Clip with your baby's name in the 'Personalisation' box, and remember that design adjustments may be made based on name length to ensure safety.

Key Features:

  • Lead-Free Clasp: Your baby's safety is paramount, and our dummy clip features a lead-free clasp.
  • Springtime Freshness: The clip captures the essence of spring with a refreshing design, available in Sage and Blush colours.
  • Maximum Length of 22 cm: Ensuring a perfect balance between convenience and safety.
  • Eco-Friendly Wood: Crafted from natural and eco-friendly wood, just like our other clips.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant Nylon String: The nylon string is resistant to mold and mildew for lasting durability.
  • Premium Quality Silicone Beads: Our premium quality silicone beads are 100% food-grade, non-toxic, odorless, and free from BPA and lead.

Care Instructions:

  • Handwash gently with mild soap and water (avoid using a dishwasher).
  • Avoid sterilisation.
  • Prevent prolonged submersion in water.

Safety Warning:

  • This product is not a toy. Always inspect the entire dummy holder before each use.
  • Dispose of the clip at the first sign of weakness or damage.
  • Do not attempt to lengthen the dummy chain.
  • Attach only to a garment, not to cords, ribbons, laces, or loose parts of clothing.
  • Never use the dummy clip when the baby is unsupervised.

Enhance your baby's safety and style with our SPRING Daisy Dummy Clip. Personalise your order now, and enjoy a stylish, functional accessory that captures the spirit of spring.


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